How Lenders Benefit

As a lender you want to find borrowers that meet your loan criteria. The Connect Lending system is built to understand your basic loan criteria and only contact you when borrowers have a high likelihood of getting approved through your company. This intelligent software design ensures you of high-quality borrowers every time. Tell us what you want and we will hand deliver the qualified borrowers. Here are the simple steps to get started:

1) Create an account on Connect Lending.
2) Complete the 15 question survey (allows us to understand your lending criteria).
3) The Connect Lending system analyzes your answers and creates a "bucket" for the system to assign future borrowers that meet your criteria.
4) You are contacted via email by Connect Lending whenever your company is determined to be a "best fit" for a borrower. If you choose to purchase the lead, you are required to contact that borrower within 24 hours.
5) Depending on your specific loan product, funding should occur between 3 days and 6 weeks.

If you are a lender interested in accessing the Connect Lending platform, you can apply here. All Lender applicants will be contacted within 48 hours and vetted by Connect Lending's, Director of Lender Relations to ensure a good fit with our company. We look forward to talking with you soon.

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